Monday, July 9, 2012

The GYM pt. 6 . . . the abduction cont.

Mike slowly began to awaken. He placed his hands high above his head and stretched out as long as he could stretch. Still half asleep he thought he'd been dreaming. He'd dreamt the Ford had come for him and carried him off somewhere. It was so real he even recalled the warm flesh of Fords big muscled shoulders and and chest. His scent. Those massive arms hoisting him up. Yawning he opened his eyes as they slowly brought into focus a huge figure looming over him. Mike smiled groggily at the shadowy figure as he slowly recognized the blurry image. It was Ford . . . this was an amazing dream.

Ford bent over the bed and taking Mike in his arms kissed him softly and Mike finally came to the realization that it really was Ford, wrapped his arms around the vast muscle of Fords upper body.  Ford ever so gently slowly pressed his tongue deep into 'lil' Mike's mouth. Mike in turn welcomed the huge bodybuilders passionate kiss. Ford slowly and gently climbed on top of Mike. He outweighed the boy by almost 200 lbs. of solid muscle and was careful not to crush him. Mike felt  the weight of Fords body press him into a cocoon of white cotton as they sank into the cloud of Ford's bed. Ford's hard warm muscle flexed and bulged as he covered Mike with kisses. Nuzzling the pups chest and neck allowing Mikes hands to brace themselves on the huge slabs of Ford's chest and arms. Mike grabbed the football sized biceps, and awed at how hard yet warm and smooth they were, his hands barely able to cover one quarter of their mass. Cords of muscle flexed hard on Fords huge horse shoe shaped triceps and his fore arms bulged with veins as 'lil' Mike moved his hands slowly over the stone hard muscle. Fords' slowly began moving his hips rubbing up and down on their joined bodies. The sensation was amazing as Mike had never felt his body like this before *.

Mike now felt something even more impressive as the thick mass of Fords cock pressed agaist his thigh. He instinctively spread his legs wide and then wrapped them around Fords thickly muscled waist.  Locking them around Ford's waist Mike used all the power he had in his strong quads to pull Ford in tightly. Ford managed to simultaneously slip out of his track pants. Mike ran his hands down the huge muscled back and finding Fords big thick muscled ass gripped the warm hard globes. Ford now naked slipped his thick hard pole between Mike legs. The thick meaty cock now rubbed between Mikes legs and under his balls rubbing hard against his plenium. Fords ass began to rise and a fall as he began to push the head of his cock against Mikes ass crack barely rubbing up against his hole. Mike was spread so wide that only the thin fabric of his trunks kept them apart.  Realizing they were heading for trouble Ford attempted to pull away. But Mike was stronger than he'd anticipated a held him tightly in place. There eyes met. Mike smiling softly gently stroked Fords blond hair and traced his finger along the strong lines of Fords jaw up over his lips as the huge man panted heavily sucked on Mike fingers, trying to catch his breath and more importantly control his passion. For they had ventured to far to far into something they should not have.

It was expressly forbidden to take a Man Pup into private quarters like this. Ford no longer cared. He was consumed by his lust for the Pup. 'lil' Mikes blue eyes sparkled gazing up into his and he was lost. He remembered the small clumsy young new Man Pup who he first saw stumbling unknowingly into the MEN's locker room. Fumbling his apologies but not after tripping over a bench and knocking over the scales in his attempt to back out of the room. All the Men present had roared with laughter.

"Well there's a Pup for training . . . . . and house breaking . . . but first someone will have to teach him to walk forward." Jarek had teased. The men in the locker room roared with laughter.

"And not pee on the carpet" Brick chimed in.

"And teach him to shave" another added.


"Don't be so hard on the 'lil' guy" Ford added sliding out of his trunks. "The sight of you guys naked would frighten anyone." he joked "And anyway he's nice enough looking for a newbie and did you see those nice round muscle bellies . . . the kid has potential." Ford continued in in the Pups defense.

"Then he shall be yours to train." Jarek commanded.
"Let's put some iron where your mouth is big guy."

"But Jarek I already have three Pups to tr...."

"Done and done!" Jarek finished.
"I'll take Zak off your hands to free up your schedule. He's a hand full anyway."
"No but's about it Ford. Who better and more patient to train the 'lil' one." Jarek added.
"The "lil' Pup is now your trainee."

Ford had taken 'lil' Mike, as he became known, under his wing and was surprised at how attentive and determined the Pup was. He followed his workouts to the letter and pushed himself harder the any of his other trainees. 'lil' Mike aways seemed to be in shouting distance of Fords booming voice. Ford treated the Pup with a manly indifference but was sure to encourage his progress. The harder Ford pushed 'lil' Mike the harder the Pup strived to make good. Even when scolded harshly for his clumsiness, talkativeness and chronic giggling he came back to Ford more eager to show him what he could do. Add the additional weight. Do the extra set. Clean the locker rooms early. And Ford continued his distant manner with the Pup.

But once Mike began servicing ** something changed. Ford began to monopolize Mikes service and 'lil' Mike favored Ford above all others. This was typically not done as Man Pups were required to service any Man that chose or required their service. They were discouraged in favoring any MAN above another. But no matter where Ford seemed to be 'lil' Mike was not far out of reach. And as more than one Man noticed Ford seemed to take 'lil' Mike on quite a few excursions outside of the Gym 's compound. They spent much more time together than MAN and Man Pup should. This had not gone unnoticed by 'lil' Mikes Pride or by Jarek.

'Lil' mike gently traced Ford's eyebrows with his fingers as his blue eyes locked on Fords. Ford smiled down at the boy kissing him deeply once more.  Mike over whelmed and more than little afraid pulled back and pressed his face against Ford's big pecs kissing and licking the huge muscle. Tasting the light salty glaze of sweat that now coated those massive mounds. The sensation of Fords hot sweaty body against his was almost more than Mike could bear and he buried face in the deep canyon between his pecs that now ran with sweat. Mike wrapped his arms arounds Fords huge back and grabbing the thick cords of muscle pulled the mans full weight down upon him. He felt Fords cock press hard against his still fabric covered hole. If not for the thin layer of fabric . . .

** Once accepted into the Pride a Man Pup had to achieve certain goals. Progress in training. Gains in muscle and mass. He had to exhibit a level of obedience and loyalty to his Pride and the tenants of the GYM overall. If a Pup had performed admirably, it was voted on, usually after a year by a tribunal of all MEN, as to whether the Man Pup would stay on and enter into service. Once in service a Man Pup was required to orally service, after each training session, any or all MEN that might make requirement of him. It was known that by servicing a variety of MEN, thereby ingesting a greater and more varied amount of testosterone laden muscleseed, that a Pup would begin to grow at an increased level. The Pup also became schooled, simultaneously, in the many ways to give pleasure to a MAN with his mouth. To submit to a MAN's pleasure was privilege and to take honor in a service well done gave a Pup great pride. This also was essential to prime a Pup's body. Preparing him to be brought to Milk.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The GYM pt. 5 . . . the abduction

As the men headed off to there respective chambers with Pups in tow Ford quietly slipped down a side corridor. 'Lil' mike, the young muscle pup, still slung over his shoulder and still asleep. The boy sure slept soundly Ford thought to himself, smiling, as he stopped on a landing to readjust and get a better grip. 'Lil' Mike seemed to wake a bit, still very groggy and half asleep, he wrapped his arms around Fords thick traps and neck and nuzzled the big mans ear. Mike seemingly still asleep took in Fords musky sweet man scent and hugged his neck even tighter. Ford smiled as he lumbered along. His strong arms keeping Mike firmly in place. Mike moaned slightly as Ford ran his freehand over Mike''s smooth tightly muscled back and cupped his full round muscle ass. The Pup was so light to carry he thought to himself. Like stealing a lamb Ford thought as Mike's limp legs swung back and forth slightly as Ford made his way round corners and down dimly lit hallways. Ford proceeded quietly down the back corridor toward his apartment certain none had seen or heard them slip away. Mike still held tight his grip around the muscle mans bull neck as Ford unlocked the door and slipped into the apartment. Alone at last he thought. Drawing the blinds quickly, for it was early morning. The apartment now dimly illuminated Ford stepped up slowly the three steps to the huge XXL kingsize bed which sat elevated and dominating his palatial rooms. As Ford lowered Mike onto the rumpled white sheets and heard of pillows and comforters that messily covered the bed. Mike slowly released his grip and slid groggily from Fords shoulders onto the the cloud of white cotton. Ford stood over him admiring his prize. 

'lil' Mike

Mike lay there half asleep on the dressed only in small white trucks. His 5'4' frame  only 200 lbs. was compactly muscled and beautifully proportioned. His body was smooth with a light dusting of blond hair on his nicely developed quads and calves. He stretched out like a kitten, exhaled and fell back into slumber.  Ford smiled to himself as he stood there like a sentinel simply watching Mike breath ever so lightly his chest rising and falling in slow succession. The pups pecs were thickening nicely since last summer and his round pink nipples looked plump and full. Though nowhere near ready to milk. His shoulders too had begun to fill out and round cantalope sized delt muscles mounted his once scrawny frame. Ford admired the pups razor sharp abs and small waist leading to a nicely packed bulged. His square jawed face still very boy like and blond crew cut gave Mike that perfect innocent midwestern farm boy look. Ford could have stood there for hours just watching him sleep. Mike slowly began to awaken. He placed his hands high above his head and stretched out as long as he could stretch. Still half asleep he thought he'd been dreaming. He'd dreamt the Ford had come for him and carried him off somewhere. It was so real he even recalled the warm flesh of Fords big muscled shoulders and and chest. His scent. Those massive arms hoisting him up. Yawning he opened his eyes as they slowly brought into focus a huge figure looming over him. Mike smiled groggily at the shadowy figure as he slowly recognized the blurry image. It was Ford . . . this was an amazing dream.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The GYM pt. 4 . . . Jarek

Jarek pushed his massive chair back from the table and rose to his feet.  He was great mountain of a man, one of the  the most impressive men the gym had produced in 30 years. The product of great breeding lines.  Jarek stood over 6'2 and 430 pounds of thick hard muscle. His shoulders spanned almost a tables length. with guns that stretched the tape to 42 inches cold. Just watching move was an amazement. Watching him breath was even impressive, a testament to his mass. His humongous pecs rising and falling over slabs abdominal muscles that bulged forth over his thick powerful man gut. Gone was his the wasp waist of his twenties, but present was the massive dominance of a confident muscle bull. This was mature muscle huge and powerful. His pecs rippled and flexed as he leaned forward against he table. His big proud man nips protruded from thick leathery shields-like aureolas. He had bound them with leather cord and small metal cuffs that stretched them over the years so that they stood nearly 2 inches of his chest and had huge sensitive hard balls of meat at their tips. They were a great point of pride to Jarek and signaled that he was chief among the MEN.  Only the lead Man Pup of any given Pride was allowed to service them, unless Jarek had a committed Man Pup, and then only he could service and be of service to the Chieftan. Tonight though, they were adorned like jewels with a bronze oil that made them glisten like metal poles mounted on the thick slabs of pec meat. His body too shone with sweat and oil.  Daz seated next to him at the head of the hall looked up at him admiringly.  Daz remembered the pride he'd always had at belonging to this gigantic marvel of a MAN. Something strong in Daz longed to rise also and stand once more at Jareks side. But that was done and he could not go back. It had been over a year since he had requested his freedom, which Jarek granted, and been made Man himself. And Jarek, strangely, in that time had selected no other. It was rare that a Cheiftan go without a committed Pup for so long for he could have several.

The Great Hall was still awash in loud laughter and good spirits as the men continued to feast and enjoy the service of their Pups. But the time had come. And as dawn began to break over the eastern mountains framed in the great wind that stood directly behind him.  Jarek now stood at the table elevated at the head of the hall.  His deep blue eyes surveying with pride the great gathering of MEN. It seems almost at once they all noticed Jarel Standing and a great roar went up from the hall. They too put down whatever and whomever they were feasting on and and stood to give their full attention to their Chieftan. Man Pups in attendance took their positions quickly, standing at the right side of their MAN, as was custom. Jarek growled loudly, stretching like an old lion, lazily taking his time. He spreading his lats wide as a house as he flexed his massive chest and bounced his pecs slightly as a sign of dominance . The loud sound of him slapping his pecs several times with his big fists echoed off the chambers walls. It was a certain sign that he was preparing to speak.

"A great feast we've had here tonight" Jarek bellowed. A roar once again went up from the MEN, booming through the hall and rattling the windows. "And for this, a great occasion. I have been greatly honored to enjoy, as we all have, the Commitment feast of my own Man Pup Daz." he looked down at Daz, a deep and heavy breath ensued. 
"But he is no longer my own . . . for he is MAN himself. And tonight he will do me great honor as he binds himself to a Man Pup of his own. I hope that I have taught him well in the many ways of MEN."

"I'm certain of it Jarek" Ford interrupted from the back of the hall. "For I have had the rooms beneath yours for many years . . . I had no Idea there were so many WAYS!" yelled Ford from the back of the hall. The men roared with laughter as did Jarek. Daz smiled embarrassed and proud at the same time.

Jarek laughingly nodded, " Thank you Ford . . . for that is true. Some I taught him, and if it be known some he taught me," he teased winking at Daz now.

 "So now that we have confirmation Daz of your thorough training. It is my solemn hope . . . no . . .  it is my command" Jarek bellowed regaining his composure, looking at Daz. "That you honor your new Man Pup Brock, as I have honored you. Brock is a great selection, and I am thrilled to add him to our long esteemed lineage of Men and Man Pups alike. I'm certain that Brock will make you as great a Pup as you make him a Man." 

Turning to the gathering Jarek smiling bellowed "But enough of this talking and   sentiment . . ." he raised his tankard,  "It is the dawn . . . and First Fuk awaits. Let's get this MAN to his PUP!

The Men and Pups rushed the table and before he knew what had happened Daz found himself swept up on the brawny solders of a half dozen Men as they carried him off to his chambers where Brock awaited.

Jarek led the loud, boisterous and rowdy procession of half drunk Men and Pups through the dimly lit halls and up the stairs to Daz's loft. As they past the sleeping quarters of Brocks Pride the Young Pups were rousted from their beds to join the group on their way. They were hardly asleep anyway as they knew they would be gathered up. Ford, more than a little drunk, found 'Lil' Mike the only Pup asleep in a bunk at the end of the room and slung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes singing loudly of his young sleeping prize. "You know you'll have to return him!" Zak chastised following closely behind. "You know the rules!" 
" Yes sir,  Zak sir" Ford teased. "I know the rules boy. But my rule tonight is, No man or Pup left behind ya know . . ." Ford growled as he brushed Zak aside moving throughout the door and into the dimly lit corridor, singing and carrying his muscular prize. 'lil' Mike giggled sleepily as he seemed to awake a bit, bounced along on Ford's massive shoulders. 

Ten corridors and five flights later they arrived at Daz' s door. A sweaty, drunken, exhilarated, laughing mass of musclemen finally set Daz down. Much backslapping, gratuitous ass slapping, and final congratulations were exchanged before Daz found himself face to face with Jarek. An immediate silence fell over the men gathered in the corridor as Jarek wrapped his huge arms around Daz waist for their final embrace. This would be their last embrace, for no MAN could have sexual or sensual physical relationship with another MAN. Daz felt the familiar sensation of being enveloped in Jareks massive arms. His strength was incredible. The heat and mass of his huge muscles enveloped Daz body, the sweet and sour musk of his scent burned his nostrils once more. Daz grabbed the underside of Jareks thick lats and held tight. As he had done so many nights. He buried his face one last time in the deep canyon between Jarek's pecs and breathed deep the familiar scent of his MAN. 

Was it seven years ago, or just last night that he had been taken by Jarek in First Fuk. His mind swam with the memories. Of how caring and passionate a MAN Jarek was. How he took his time to teach and tutor him in the ways of MEN. How he structured with patient care, and stern management every workout and pushed him to develop bigger harder masses of muscle. How he congratulated his successes and how he chastised him for his niave and willful mistakes and lack of focus. How Jarek milked him each night, feasting on the sweet thick, test filled cream that came forth from Daz's thick Pup pec's.  How deeply he fuked him every night. Opening him slowly but firmly. Filling him with his seed, breeding him deeply. Bringing him to pleasure and showing him the many ways to give pleasure to his MAN. Building in him a strength of
compassion while always pushing and testing his limits. He could feel Jareks big paws on his thick back muscles now pulling him closer and tighter. He lifted his head and their eyes met. Daz looked deep into those crisp blue eyes and remembered how much he had been possessed by them. Daz's hands took the knobs of Jareks' huge nipples and rubbed them firmly between thumb and forefinger. Jareks huge pecs flexed hard and rippled at the touch. Jarek grasped the back of Daz's head in his free hand and pressed his mouth over Daz's. Daz rose to meet Jarek's kiss and felt the wet heat of Jareks mouth and breath as their tongues and mouths intermingled becoming one once more. They breathed in tandem, Jarek pushing air into Daz's lungs and sucking it out again as they exhaled. Daz remembered night upon night of falling to sleep this way, in these huge arms, crushed by this big MAN. Jarek's huge cock still deep inside him. 

Jarek remembered too how hungry his Pup always was to have his cock deep inside him. How sweet his milk was and how eager he was to feed his MAN the potent creamy nectar. How Daz would beg Jarek to fall asleep with Jarek's cock embedded deep in that beautiful ebony muscle ass. How eager and open his hole was the night of First Fuk. How he would steal Daz away from his workouts mid pump to play with him and fuk his sweaty ass at any opportunity. Theirs was a rare and intense bond. 

Daz heald tight to his MAN one last time. Inhaled deeply Jarek's man scent once more. It was still imprinted on his brain. Daz crushed their huge muscled body's together so tightly, almost as if to get inside and under Jarek's skin. It was almost too much to resist as Jarek remembered holds like this, at moments when in fuking Daz he was so deep inside him that the Pup could take no more. Daz would hold on as tight as possible, just like this.

But that was past . . . and it was time. Time to let go. Jarek eased his hold and broke the kiss. His arm still around Daz's waist he moved them both toward the door. "Remember always to honor and respect your Man Pup," he spoke now in a serious and low tone. "Tonight is First Fuk, **both yours and his. His pleasure is tantamount, remember all that I have taught you and you will bind him to you body and soul. To be a great leader you must be a great follower. You are only a great MAN if he becomes one too." Jarek smiled and roughly brushed the back of Daz's head. Jarek pushed the door open, their eyes met one last time . . . Daz nodded and entered the chambers. Jarek turned away.

"Let's go Men . . . it's time to sleep!" Jarek urged them onward. The corridor grew silent and dark.

** GYM Law states: Man Pups are not allowed the privilege of anal intercourse (bottom) until committed to a MAN. The MAN the provides the Man Pup of his selection with First Fuk. A Man Pup may only be fuked and bred by his MAN. In due course a Man Pup unbound from his MAN and elevated to MAN himself, may not engage in anal intercourse (top) until he brings a Man Pup to milk and selects him for commitment. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Gym pt. 3 . . . Revelries

Brock's Pride could hear the revelry going on in the great hall downstairs, 3 stories away, all the way up in the room set aside for Brocks ritual preparation and the preparation of all Man Pups on their Commitment night.

Downstairs in the Great Hall the Men had been celebrating all evening. Daz's Commitment Feast was a big event, as Daz had been Man Pup to Jarek, the Top Man at the GYM, it's chief and leader. Jarek in turn was desendent from one of the oldest and prize winning lineage of Men and Man Pup's ever bred at the GYM. They were muscle royalty at the GYM, based on size, mass and breeding lines. Jarek held one of the biggest feast the GYM had seen in quite sometime to celebrate his former Man Pups selection of Brock. There were pounds and pounds of roasts and platters upon platters of fowl to feast upon. Huge tankards of ale and vodka. All the Men went off diet for this occassion. It was an unabashed man feast that would make any medieval lord proud. The revelries would go on well into the morning. Unclaimed Pups were not allowed to attend the feast or to serve at it. Only committed Man Pups attended occasions such as these. For they were required, of course, to serve their Man in any way he deamed appropriate. Bring in the food and ale and serving all the Men as commanded by their Man. This usually meant that by midnight most of the Man Pups serving had been stripped down to their jocks and were being fully utilised by their Men in a wildly public forum and would be until dawn.

For example Marc, a handsome 250 pound muscled Pup of spanish lineage, found himself seated proudly on his Man's lap, stripped to his jock, his Man's huge cock so deep inside him he could hardly speak and all the while pouring wine and ale to keep his Man satiated, never letting his tankard run dry. This is but one example of the types of Roman revelry that would keep the Men engaged until the early dawn. Daz, of course, could part take in none of this open sexual revelry. He was a newly committed Man and any sexual dalliance with another Man's Pup was heavily censured. Daz would be escorted at the appointed time to his Man Pup Brock, as was tradition, by his former Man,  Jarek, and the Men from his Pride. Typically at dawn.

Upstairs a completely different celebration was under way. In the quiet quarters Brock's Pride was preparing him for the morning ahead. Three Pups were sent up to Daz' Loft to prepare the rooms with Daz's list of requirements. They would make ready the room, the bed made with fresh white linens. The fireplace was set with new logs and prepared. The room set with candles and oils of frankincense and mhyrr. And per Daz's request "every manly need that should be available for a Man Pup's first night".

The four remaining Pup's attended to Brocks personal preparation. A steaming hot bath was drawn in the huge copper tub with aromatic oils of Lebanese cedar in a special room dedicated to this sole preparation. The heady aroma filled the room as the pups slowly stripped Brock naked. They led him slowly into the steaming hot water. It burned a bit as Brock stepped in but he did not flinch. He became used to the sharp heat which quickly turned to pleasure as the pups began to wash his body with their hands and the huge sponges provided. The hot fragrant water poured over his body as the eight hands washed stroked, and cleaned every inch of his body with the thick fragrant lather. The oldest pup Zak took the most honored task. He bid Brock to stand. Water and lather flowed gently over Brocks glistening wet body. Zak now gently lifted Brocks balls and now fully erect cock. Applying a thick lathering, washed them by hand with much massaging and strocking. Zak caressed Brocks balls in the palms of his hands and slightly squeezed Brocks sac working the thick lather all around and under his plenthium. Zak was very careful to provide minimum arrousal but Brock's was already hard and his thick cock bobbed and throbbed with approval. Zak's eyes locked with Brock's and they both smiled. "Turn around" Zak whispered as he slid his lathered hand between Brock thick muscle glutes and massaged the thick lather up and down the deep cavern of Brocks ass. Zak massaged slightly the round muscled globe of Brock's muscle butt as he spread the globes apart and gave Brock a thourough cleaning. The other Pup's looked on in silence except for "lil" Mike, who as usual, couldn't help but giggle. He was the youngest pup in the pride a cute and ruddy faced boy of only 16 he struggled to keep his composure at all times and was constantly in trouble. "Silence" Zak barked as he finished his ministrations and bid the other Pups to return to the tub to finish Brock's bath. Zak scowled at "lil' Mike as the young pup scrambled to gather the large brass pitchers of warm water mixed with Ox milk, believed to drive the potency of one's Man on commitment night. Brock was rinsed thouroughly as pitcher after pitcher of the warm milky liquid was poured over him.

"lil' Mike then rushed forward with a large glass jar and handed it to Zak smiling. Zak looked down at him sternly, shaking his head, taking the large glass jar and removing the ornate brass lid began to apply the thick oil to Brocks warm skin. The oil scented ever so slightly with Myhrr and mixed heavily with sweat of a rutting Bull and from Daz, collected over the past month, was specially made for this night. As Zak applied it liberally to  Brocks body the heady arroma overtook him. He understood immetdiately why it was custom to concoct such a seemingly barbaric mixture. The thick musky scent filled his nostrils as he smeared a large portion of it across Brocks wide back. The scent of Daz and the Bull undercut by Myhrr. The oil acted as a powereful aphrodiesiac. Brock also felt himself overtaken by the scent as it too filled his mind and almost burned his nostrils. Zak quickly ordered the other Pups from the bathing room. There was a slight grumble from the Pride as they slowly filed from the room. Zak looked down as his cock began to swell and fill this trunks. He moved around to face Brock brushing against the Brocks now rock hard cock. They looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

Zak spoke first, "Sorry but I had to get them out of the room before it over took everyone."

"I agree," said Brock speaking for the first time in hours.

" I know we are not supposed to speak but this powerful unction, I fear, may be to strong to resist. " Zak whispered applying the oil over Brocks thick pecs brushiing up against his still sensitive nipples Brock shuddered. The oil burned the swollen sensitive pink flesh.

"I know, lets continue slowly as the effect may wear off as the oils absorbed" said Brock as Zak continued to apply an even coat to Brocks glistening body. Applying a specialy liberal amount of the mixture to his cock, balls, and ass Zak stroked him slightly. Brock looked down at his engorged cock now held in Zak's hand and shook his head in the negative. Zak had over reached and knew it. He finished to process of annointing Brock in silence. Brock stood quietly as Zak finished by removing the excess oil with a silk towel.

Zak went to the door and ushered the Pride back into the room where they finished the ritual by buffing Brock's body with the softest of horse hair brushes. The pride move quickly now as the time was approaching. The rush of numerous brushes over Brock's body sounded a whispered hush thought the chamber. Like wind through a field of wheat. The brushing not only caused the skin to gleam golden but raised the a flush of color and sensitized the flesh.

They could now here from below the louder and louder the songs being sung and loud laughter and belowing shouts. It was almost time. Zak walked slowly around the Pride, with Brock at it's center,  still buffing and brushing furiously and admired their work. Emotion and pride rose up in his chest as he looked on. Brock was respledent, polished and golden as a young Apollo and fully prepared for his Man. They had done their work exceedingly well.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation . . .

Hey dudes The GYM will be back with it's next installment soon . . . 
I had a to go on a little vacation with my Man Pup!


Monday, May 14, 2012

The GYM pt.2 . . . Daz

The seconds passed like hours. Daz still standing over Brock reached down and grabbing Brock under his arms lifted the pup to his feet in one mighty stroke. Brock wobbled a bit trying to get his footing after so long on his knees. Daz scowled at him and shook his head. Brocks heart sank, and he dropped his head in shame. Daz, still silent tossed him a towel "Wipe your mouth off pup" Daz commanded dryly. Brock caught the towel in mid air and proceed to wipe the residual of Daz's cum from his lips. Brock just stood there, frozen, silent. This was unbelievable, impossible. He was being denied, rejected. It was over he thought, he had failed to pass muster.

Everything he had worked toward over the past year, so hard and so diligently, had come to this. He had been the most eager of Pup's. Eager to please any and every Man in The G.Y.M. He had worked so hard in his workouts, perfecting his service techniques. He was one of the few pup's who could bring off over ten Men in succession and not gag once. He had performed his workout regimen to the letter, everyday, increasing his lifts, perfecting his form, stuck to his diet and put on pounds and pounds of muscle, over 60 pounds in the last 6 months alone. He was so certain he would be chosen when the time came. Now this! Brought to Milk and denied! This had happened only once before to a Man Pup. A thing of legend. And that pup they were told, once he was denied, met an unfortunate end at his own hand. It was a shame he could not bear. What would the other pup's think? He would be shunned, an outcast, a failure. His mind raced, his head swam.

"Stand up straight Pup!" Daz commanded. Finally speaking, after what seemed like a eternity of silence to Brock, when in actuality only a few seconds had passed. Daz took Brock by the scruff of his neck and lead him out of the service area and on to the main floor. The loud din of conversation stopped upon seeing them and a hushed and low murmer extended around the gym like a shroud. Daz, pushing Brock forward. His big paw holding firm on the pups neck. They parted the crowd of more than 15 Men and nearly 20 Man Pup's as Daz lead him forward toward the Olypmian Dias which stood gleeming gold in the center of the GYM.  It was the place where Men were granted great honor, and the place where they suffered their greatest dishonor. His pup brothers, his Pride as they were called, some with their Men and some still waiting for their time, looked on in awe. Brock could hardly believe what was happening. Everything and everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion. Those were his brothers standing there, his Pride, and he was shaming them! He just wanted to run, but where. Daz had him firmly by the neck and he knew that as a honorable trainee he must take his shame with the same honor he would have accepted his commitment. Daz lifted him effortlessly onto the Dias.  Brock was now displayed so all could see. He stood at attention as was custom for a Pup, shoulders back, chest out, lats spread ever so slightly. He was still one of the most thickly muscled and handsome trainees ever, known not only for his round thick pecs, but for his big full muscled quads flairing out from a slim taught waist. Many Men in the room nodded with approval upon seeing him so displayed on the Dias for the first time. Unbeknownst to Brock, he was considered a great prize for any Man who could bring him to Milk. But now this . . . Brock tried not to look at them. He was determined to look straight ahead and bravely focus only what was to come. His total humiliation.

Daz turned toward him. Brocks chest was now level with Daz's chiseled handsome face. Brocks chest rose and fell as his breathing came in nervous boughts. Daz, reaching up grabbed Brock's left pec and massaging it ever so firmly flicked Brocks sore, raw nipple with his thumb. Daz immediately began to suckle and milk the pups still swollen tit with his mouth. Sucking out the rich sweet muscle milk as it flowed freely from one muscle tit he moved slowly to the other pec repeating his ministrations. Brock's pecs burned as Daz chewed the raw flesh squeezing out more and more milk. He then pulled back. Licking and biting his lips tasting once more Brock's nectar. He looked up, their eyes met and nodding ever so slightly Daz turned to address to the gathering of Men and Pup's.

He now spoke.

"I Daz, being Man, and member of the fellowship of The GYM, this day, declare this Man Pup, name of Brock, to be mine, and mine alone. I claim his body, mind, and soul and bind him to me. In doing so I commit to him my solemn oath, to develop his body to it's maximum muscle mass and his mind in the ways of loyalty, honor, and dedication to his Man and to the GYM. Providing him with First Fuk and constant breeding, protecting him and keeping him from all others. I cleave my life, body, mind and soul unto him, 'till such time as he, Brock, becomes Man himself and desires his freedom."

The crowd burst like damn in a thunderous roar of congratulations and applause that rocked the great room and rattled the windows. Daz stepping onto the dias took Brock in his arms pressed him close and kissed him deep and long for the first time . . . 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The GYM . . .

Warm thick sweet man seed ran out of the corner of Brock's mouth as the young muscle pup finished off Daz, the last of the Men, the older muscle dudes. Brock had served five today in the Workout, a good day for a Man Pup. His body was pumped and swollen with new muscle. He was coming along nicely. His thick, round muscle bellies gave him a obvious boyish look but he was growing fast. It was the norm at the GYM to feed the muscle pup or Man Pup, Brock's formal title, immediately after the workout. Brock sucked down as much roid filled Man juice as he could each time, always finishing with Daz. Who made a point of "cumming" to him last. Brock loved the taste of him most of all. Sweet, warm and thick, Daz always delivered the biggest load. Pushing ever so gently his big thick cock all the way down Brock's throat so that his roided man milk was delivered like several cannon shot, straight down Brock's gullet. Brock always made a concerted and dedidicated effort to nurse every drop of cum from Daz's cock. Devouring, sucking, and milking it just a bit beyond what was acceptable in the regamen that had been prepared for him by the GYM. Daz always smiled, just a very little at him afterwards, tugging and tweaking Brock's nips affectionately as he pulled his thick cock out of his open mouth. Glazing the muscle pups lips with seed. 

This time was different though. Daz approached Brock with a coarse demeanor, bordering on anger. Had Brock done or said something wrong ? Man Pup's rarely spoke, except to ask training questions or respond to requests made of them, so there's not much chance of that. But something WAS different. Daz roughly grabbed Brock's head, and shoving his cock in,pumped his mouth harder than ever before. Holding Brock's head in place, Daz pounded Brock's mouth relentlessly. Bringing tears to the pup's sparking blue eyes as he struggled to breath. Filling his mouth with so much seed it was hard to swallow the thick mass of cum. Daz pulled out fast this time. Juice ran down the corner of Brock's mouth. Daz, looking down, punched Brock's pumped pecs hard twice with his big fists. Damn that hurt, Brock thought to himself. Brock felt a sudden and strange burning in his swollen nipples and looked down with shock and then pride as the first drops of milk began to slowly flow out of his raw pink nipples.

"Yeah dude." Daz growled looking down at Brock still. "That a boy . . . " Daz reached down taking a few drops of Brock's boy milk on his fingers. He licked the pup's milk from his fingers like a nectar. Considering it's flavor like a fine wine. He reached down again, gently squeezing more thick cream from Brock's aching tit and tasted it again.

Brock was elated, as he watched Daz lick his fingers a second time.  He broke out in a nervous sweat and his body tingled all over, he only hoped Daz was pleased with what he saw and tasted.

If all went well Brock new what would happen. The G.Y.M.'s rules stood fast and were never broken by any Man. They stated that:

"Whomever should bring a Man Pup to Milk shall own him. And hence forth be his only Man providing him with First Fuck and constant breeding, protecting him and keeping him from all others. Thereby training and developing his body to it's maximum muscle mass and his mind in the ways of loyalty, honor and dedication his Man and to the GYM. 'Till such time as the Man Pup shall become Man himself and desire his freedom."